Transgender and gender-diverse people's experiences of healthcare

Sara Asadi, Dr Åsa Kastbom, Alex Ker and Dr Kajsa Igelström
Linkoping University of Sweden

Participants: Transgender and gender-diverse people over the age of 18.
Place: Online
Time: Closes 30 Nov, 2019
Duration: 15-30 min. The duration depends on how much you choose to write in the optional text boxes.

The questionnaire is anonymous and all questions are optional.


  • Transgender refers to people whose gender identity is different to the gender they were assigned at birth. 

  • Gender-diverse refers to people who do not perform their gender roles in conformity with social expectations attached to their gender assigned at birth. 

Who are we?

Sara Asadi, Summer scholar

Sara Asadi, Summer scholar

Sara Asadi is a 5th year medical student at Linkoping University of Sweden, and currently a summer scholar in Kajsa Igelström’s research group.

Sara is particularly interested in making healthcare more inclusive for everyone. Previously, she has done an interview study at Victoria University of Wellington, with the aim to support the development of gender-affirming care in New Zealand.

Åsa Kastbom, MD, Phd

Åsa Kastbom, MD, Phd

Alex Ker, Postgraduate student

Alex Ker, Postgraduate student

Dr Åsa Kastbom works as a physician with children, adolescents and adults at Child and Adolescent Psychiatry department as well as the Adult Psychiatry department at the University Hospital in Linkoping, Sweden. She is a consultant at the Trauma Unit for Abused Children and at the Adult Psychiatry Emergency Department as well as at the National Center for transgender health.

Dr Kastbom is a founder and a member of the Child Protection Team at the University Hospital in Linkoping and an appreciated and well-known speaker in Sweden and also at International Conferences in, for example, Australia, USA, Iceland, Japan, Greenland and Poland.  

Alex Ker is a postgraduate student in Sociology at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Alex is currently working as a research assistant in the School of Health on Youth'19, a survey on youth health and wellbeing in Aoearoa/New Zealand.

His main areas of interest is ensuring inclusive data collection for gender-diverse people, trans youth development, and equitable pathways to gender-affirming healthcare.

Prof Per Gustafsson (Linkoping University) helped with the questionnaire design.

Responsible for the study is Principal Investigator Dr Kajsa Igelstrom, Linkoping University.


If you would like to communicate with us, please don't hesitate to contact Sara Asadi (, Kajsa Igelstrom (, Åsa Kastbom ( or Alex Ker ( However, please keep in mind that if you decide to email us, you are no longer fully anonymous. General feedback can be sent anonymously through the questionnaire itself (e.g. in text boxes).