Still recruiting for popular study!

We're currently running an online questionnaire that aims to collect as much information as possible on the experiences of autistic women. About half-way through the study duration, we already have 280 responses, so we can't even begin to express how excited we are about the impact this study can have! 

We focus on two particular domains that already are known to show gender differences, but that have received limited attention: "special interests" and "repetitive movements" (aka "stimming"). Women tend to have different types of special interests and possible show fewer or different "stimming" patterns. 

We invite both self-diagnosed and officially diagnosed people, because we know that there is a problem of under-diagnosis in females. We are also warmly inviting transgender, genderfluid, and non-binary people and are delighted to see that we're getting dozens of responses from the transgender community – a diverse group of people who are often entirely excluded from studies! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We hope the responses keep coming, and we promise to make the most of the information in every which way we can envision! 

Kajsa & Team Extraordinary