First Amazon Turk trial!

We're excited to have run a little pilot study on Amazon Turk (MTurk) and gotten 100 participants in just over an hour, with a good proportion being autistic! 

We are building up towards launching some more quantitative studies and this was our first attempt to invite both non-autistic and autistic people in a venue that isn't specifically for autistic people. 

We're working hard to get some grant funding that would allow us to pay participants for their efforts! Please keep your fingers crossed for the Extraordinary Brains Team :-D We're analyzing data and writing grant applications with much excitement... 

Soon, we'll post a questionnaire about how special interests and "stimming" manifests in autistic women, which is an understudied topic that really needs your input. 

Follow our Facebook page or sign up for invitations if you're interested. Everything is anonymous and confidential and all studies are approved by the ethics board of Princeton University. 

We really can't do it without you, so thanks for all the support, feedback and encouragement! We know we're on the right track.