Upcoming research reports!

We're frantically and enthusiastically analyzing the results from the recent big study on special interests and "stimming" (motor stereotypies) that 342 women and transgender individuals participated in. 

The very first outcome of the study will be a brief publication on reasons for autism self-diagnosis in the subgroup of participants who did not have a diagnosis but identified as autistic. Although some were waiting for an assessment or were fighting to get evaluated, we were shocked to see that most reported reasons revolved around topics that were unrelated to clinical factors! We'll report on this in detail as soon as the publication has gone through the necessary quality control steps – to start with it'll be reviewed by independent experts. 

It also shouldn't take long before we send out the main findings for publication! I won't give any spoiler alerts here, but stay tuned!! 

THANKS to everyone who participated – your time investment will pay off.