The project Extraordinary Brains involves a diverse team of neuroscientists, neuropsychologist, research students, writers, artists, and engineers, that strives for a dialogue with people diagnosed with autism. We have a special interest in the female population of autistic people, who has been understudied compared to males, and often initially misdiagnosed and misunderstood.  

We want to find ways to make sure all extraordinary people can feel included in our society and be able to harness all their unique strengths to live a happy life. We are also interested in brain function, because brains are cool and knowledge about them is useful. 

Extraordinary Brains is in its infancy and currently focuses mainly on autism, but it will expand! We would like this project to be a convergence point between neuroscience research and the aims of people who live with neurodevelopmental challenges. 

The project is led by Kajsa Igelström, PhD. She is currently a senior postdoctoral researcher at Princeton University (lab of Prof. Graziano), and Extraordinary Brains is the beginning of her independent research career.  

All studies have been approved by the Princeton University Institutional Review Board. 

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